As all LIFE projects, ours too has a long series of Deliverables to produce.

In this section of the website, the documents that are produced in the course of the project actions can be consulted and downloaded.

Action A1

Priority Habitats Mapping Database

Report on target habitats conservation status

Report on orchid conservation status

Action A2

Report on current and past management of intervention areas

Executive projects of interventions

Action C1

Regeneration protocol H6230* by collecting and seeding flowering plants

Action C3

Pastoral management plans of the 4 areas

Updating of pastoral plans

Action C6

12 attendance sheets for specialist training (sub-action C.6.2)

32 minutes of meetings to assist in the implementation of the Pastoral Plans (C.6.1)

Action C7

Technical dossier on the functioning of shepherd schools in European countries and proposals for their valorisation (sub-action C.7.1)

Action C8

Drafting of guidelines for the implementation of the Tuscany regional Strategy for Habitats conservation

Drafting of the Regional Strategy

Action C9

First BP brochure

Second BP brochure

Third BP brochure

Action D1

First revision of the target Habitats monitoring report

First revision of the orchids monitoring report

Final target Habitats monitoring report

Final orchid monitoring report

Action D2

Preliminary report on pastoral value monitoring

First revision of the pastoral value monitoring report

Final pastoral value monitoring report

Action D3

First revision of ornithological monitoring report

First revision of lepidoptera monitoring report

First revision of orthoptera monitoring report

Intermediate ornithological monitoring report

Intermediate lepidoptera Monitoring report

Intermediate orthoptera monitoring report

Final ornithological monitoring report

Final lepidoptera monitoring report

Final orthoptera monitoring report

Action D4

First Socio-economic monitoring report

Final socio-economic monitoring report

Action E1

Logo of the project

Communication plan

First edition project brochure for European dissemination (IT, FR,EN) – 500 copies

9 indoor posters and 9 roll-ups

Second edition project brochure for European dissemination (IT, FR, EN) – 500 copies

100 copies Technical manual for training

6 outdoor notice-boards installed

3000 copies Layman’s Report

60 photos of the month

Document for the transferability of the project’s Good Practices (digital only)

Publication of scientific article

Action F2

After-Life Plan