Economy, Work & Innovation

With the 'Economy, Work, Innovation' macrotheme, we explore the intersection of pastoralism with economic sustainability, innovation, and livelihood improvement. Here, we showcase a selection of best practices aimed at fostering resilient local economies, promoting innovation, and enhancing working conditions within pastoral communities. From the valorization of local products and services to economic diversification initiatives, this section offers a wealth of insights into harnessing the economic potential of pastoralism. Additionally, we delve into the integration of modern technology innovations to optimize productivity and efficiency in traditional pastoral practices. Moreover, we highlight efforts to improve work conditions and ensure equitable access to land, empowering pastoralists to thrive in their occupations sustainably.

E-Barana: virtual fencing for intelligent management of extensive livestock farming

  • Modern technology innovation
  • Work conditions and land access improvement

Conservation of Natural and Semi-Natural Habitats in the Serras de Aire and Candeeiros

  • Local products and services valorisation
  • Economic diversification of income

Sown Biodiverse Pastures

  • Economic diversification of income