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Nature conservation, climate change adaptation and sustainable rural development are our pillars

About Current projects

D.R.E.Am. Italia believes that
nature conservation, climate change adaptation and sustainable rural development are the keys to a better future for everyone and works towards achieving these goals through the development of European projects at national and international level.

D.R.E.Am. Italy has been involved for several years in the planning and development of projects such as LIFE, Horizon, Interreg, ERC, directly funded by the European Union in the fields of research, innovation, environment, efficient use of resources and international cooperation.

The group consists of multiple expertise, such as forestry technicians, wildlife specialists, ecologists, biologists, naturalists, engineers and reporting experts.

Thanks to the experience gained, D.R.E.AM Italia monitors the most suitable European funds and calls for tenders for available funding, implementing projects on numerous topics, such as the protection and conservation of habitats and species, sustainable economy, circular economy and ecosystem services, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

To date, numerous projects have been approved and many have already been successfully concluded. D.R.E.Am. Italia also offers support activities to other structures, such as research organisations, national and regional parks, in particular for actions of:

partnership management;
strategic and financial planning of projects;
budget planning and project reporting development.

Finally, it provides specialised technical services, particularly in the field of environmental and nature monitoring described in our Sustainable Management of Natural Environments and Fauna section.

Life | Horizon | Erasmus

Current projects

Below you will find all the projects currently underway, clicking on the various logos will take you to the project website

Life | Horizon | Erasmus | Interreg | DGEcho

Completed projects

Here you can find a list of all completed projects with their respective activity summary pages